Mojo, not logo

Branding with confidence

Most of the organisations we either brand or rebrand share the same common need to define or redefine themselves.

At the beginning of the process, our role is far from visual. We kick off with an information amnesty, where both parties put all their cards on the table. This gives everyone the greatest understanding of the organisation and the challenges they face. Once it’s apparent what problems we’re really being commissioned to solve, we can start to unpick the visual conundrum.

Early this year, Sense Worldwide’s CEO, Jeremy, shared his rebrand plans with us. Among all the new designs and pages of positioning narrative, two words stood out: creative intelligence. The opposite of artificial intelligence, creative intelligence is something that every creative and client strives for.

The next question was what visual direction the new brand position should take.

Our answer was ‘the familiar one’ – an identity that reminded everybody of the company’s greatness. So we went back to basics and extracted visual references from the organisation’s aesthetic past that the team collectively admired. This ensemble of stimuli quickly translated to an identity that felt indigenous to those already familiar with Sense, but had a profound new creative intelligence.

If you’re considering commissioning an identity, we suggest gathering inspiring achievements from all over the organisation to ignite everybody’s confidence before the agency enters the room. Because the answer to most branding or rebrand challenges is simple: mojo, not logo.

By Scott Leonard

Creative Director