Navigating the creative wilderness.

Where does the balance of inspiration and systematic approach lie?


Design processes are the fingerprints of each agency. One of many the elements that influences an agencies work. The processes ranges from highly intuitive, relying heavily on creative talent to robotically systematic, trusting that the process in place is strong enough to rely less on who implements it.

There are a lot of design processes out there. The design thinking, double diamond, creative sprint, waterfall, scrum, agile, etc. But the process must strike a balance. Too prescriptive and it can hinder a creatives ability to do what they are there to do. How do you come up with a new idea if you repeat the same formula and pour the same sauce over everything? Too loose and it can become unreliable, inefficient and can start to confuse people. 

Champion focuses on creating a firm foundation to allow as much creative freedom as possible. We have a set of systems in place surrounding the creative process, whilst allowing the creative process the time and freedom it needs to test, fail and learn.

We are a creative agency rather than a design agency and lean towards a more organic and intuitive approach. Allowing projects and ideas to develop naturally and encouraging our creatives to explore where they want, how they want without being inhibited by strict procedures.

The plus side to this is often unexpected creative results that do not fall into faddish, cookie cutter templates; that provide simple, relevant and effective outcomes with impact that help our clients stand out. The flipside is that sometimes we have to traverse, what we affectionally term, the creative wilderness—a place where a project seemingly stalls and ideas run away on tangents. As with all truly creative, new and bold endeavours there is an element of unknown. There has to be. It’s never an easy place, but from that wilderness many a treasured idea has been found.

By Oscar Park, Creative Partner