What is a creative agency?

We’re in the business of making the undefinable, untouchable and unseeable mean something.

Our job is to create feelings, that emotionally connect people to the product, service or oragnisation. The definition is hard to pin point because we are dealing with deep, primitive thoughts. Our brains don’t have the capacity for it. Limbic systems (our mammalian brain responsible for feelings of love, loyalty and fear) and neocortices (the part of the brain responsible for higher consciousness, decision making and language) loose bits in translation. This link explains the triune brain in a bit more detail. Suffice to say it’s hard to put emotions into words.

So how do you define what we do is, if what we do is so undefinable?

The word creative is too abstract and too ubiquitous (too neocortex). It means too many things to too many people, and any definition quickly falls apart. What creative means to me will be different to what it means to you and will be different again to what it means to your grandmother.

For that reason too every creative agency is different. Each going about a slightly different thing in a slightly different way.

If we cannot define a creative agency by what is does, then can we define its difference through its purpose?

You could look at what a creative agency is through their process and values. At The Champion Agency we want to help those that make a positive impact, by creating simple, relevant and effective work.

Our values (to champion those that make a positive impact) and our process (creating simple, relevant and effective work) are what defines us and in turn informs our work. What we do, that takes a bit more time to explain.


By Oscar Park