Great Brixton

Brixton is one of the most vibrant communities in the UK. The area is dramatically changing, with accelerated development in recent years creating tension between the new and existing population.


Help unite Brixton’s population in a celebration of the areas vibrancy.

We invited everyone who knows and loves Brixton to share images of what makes it great. Over a year we received thousands of photos, together with the community we curated 273 images and published Great Brixton – the people’s photobook of Brixton. The book has start countless conversations, celebrating its past and present, preserving it unique diversity in print forever.

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‘This new photobook is documenting the life force of the vibrant south London community.’


‘The ‘Great Brixton’ project is a collection of photos capturing everything that makes the South London area unique.


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Great Brixton Team: Project Manager: Oscar Taylor, Producer: Conor Jones, Editor: Richard Nield, Junior Designer: Felix Belger, Creative Designer: Oscar Park, Art Director: David Bushay, Co-Curator: Miranda Hutton, Creative Director: Scott Leonard, Publisher: The Champion Agency.