Just Giving – Yimby


We launched Yimby, JustGiving’s crowdfunding platform dedicated to social good.


To launch Yimby across the UK and inspire as many people as possible to create change in their community by using the JustGiving crowd-funding platform.


The best way to persuade people to ‘do good’ is to inspire them with people who have already achieved game-changing outcomes. We made a shortlist of the top celebrity ‘change-makers’ from across the UK, based on their personal achievements and social media outreach. And we invited them to share their stories to inspire change. We made films about #NoMorePageThree with Lucy Holmes, to #WeWillGather with Dan Thompson, the booze-free bar, The Brink, with Jacquie Johnson-Smith and Richard Reynolds’s crusade, the Guerrilla Gardener. Each inspiring video ended with the call to action “What Will You Change Today?”, directly asking the viewer to create change.


Yimby Team: Creative Designer: David Bushay; Creative Producers: Hally Booth, Felix Taylor; Creative Videographer: Craig Billingham; Creative Writer: Miles Byrd; Creative Director: Scott Leonard