Producers Direct

Producers Direct is a new model of NGO, centred on smallholders taking leadership and developing innovative solutions to the challenges they face, providing an opportunity for smallholders to transform their farms into sustainable businesses.

To name and create a brand for Producers Direct. To create an identity, and develop a cohesive set of guidelines and templates for both internal and external use, with assets that could be easily implemented internationally.

We worked closely with producers organisations, the board of trustees and the organisations partners to name and create a new brand that would speak to farmers from South America and East Africa as well as stakeholders and investors. The utilitarian identity needed to be rugged enough to stand up to being painted on a wall and simple enough to be adapted easily to low-tech environments. Key to this was the use of an underlying grid, bold colours and simple typography, whilst referencing their CaféDirect heritage.


Sub-branded poster for local producers.


Sub-branded poster for local producers.

Group 730
Group 734
PS Impact Report Mock Up 01

Impact Report spread.

Group 725

Impact Report spread.

Group 736

Desktop, tablet and mobile website.

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Insta Image – 3
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Group 737


Group 738

Flexible sub-branding for local producers.

Group 739

Sub-branded poster for local producers.