Want to create more impact?

We partner with changemakers like you to build, design and amplify brands that bring change to all our lives.

Why us? As the first creative agency and social enterprise in the United Kingdom, we’ve pioneered purpose-led strategic and creative practice. 

By partnering with us, you’ll join a network of changemakers in a multitude of sectors, markets and disciplines. We’re all striving for change, so we’re happy to share insights, expertise and ideas with like-minded organisations.

How our approach is different

To help you make more impact, we don’t just do the work and leave. We share all our changemaking knowledge and experience with you, so your team can keep on making change when we’re not around. This way of working combines our expertise with your passion – creating communications that inspire your audience to choose you as their changemaker.


Defining your brand’s foundations

Helping you clarify why you exist, how your approach is unique and exactly what you offer. Through structured workshops, we define and articulate your purpose in a compelling way – including what it means to stakeholders, investors and customers.


Building a distinctive brand

Activating your purpose, approach and offer both visually and verbally. We work with you to design ways to present your brand at its very best. The outcomes are powerful articulations of your brand that consistently resonate with your target audience - both online and offline.


Communicating with impact

Helping you to have smart and meaningful conversations with your current and future customers. We work with you to agree a communications strategy and creative execution that both strengthens your existing relationships and attracts new ones.


Sharing our knowledge

The initial purpose of our partnership is to show your organisation the true potential of your brand. But our most important task is training your team throughout the process. With you now the experts in presenting yourselves, it’s over to you to keep the conversation going.
  • "Champion helped us work out the way we present ourselves to a diverse audience. The process exemplified our approach and gave us the tools we need to successfully launch."

    Alison Partridge. Head of Strategy at One Tech
  • “Rebranding was a complex process, that Champion smoothly guided us through, delivering an exciting brand which is still as sharp and well received as it was from the start. They bring a mix of total professionalism, honesty, energy and care to every job.”

    Shane Carey. CEO of Reprezent.
  • "Together we defined the brand after two years successfully trading that led to streamlining identity and comms. Giving the tools and templates to take the business and brand to the next level."

    Tracey Banks. CEO of Unpckd.
  • “Champion have expertly supported - their strong technical ability has been matched by unending patience, enthusiasm and taking time to truly understand the complexity of our work. Our continued partnership is a testament to the support given.”

    Claire Rhodes. CEO of Producers Direct.
  • “With fresh design and a youthful approach, The Champion Agency helped us to bring our first Impact Report to life and launch the My Whole Self Campaign. Together we created a narrative to tell our story of social impact, to inspire positive change for mental health in the workplace and wider community.”

    Eleanor Miller, Director of Marketing and Communication, MHFA England
MHFA England

Revaluing workplace mental health

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Producers Direct

Taking your brand glocal

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Reprezent Radio

Attracting high-value partnerships

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Rewriting investment history

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Rebranding a viable product

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