Meet Champion alumni Helen Page, now a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and creative thinker.

Helen helped launch some inspiring, future facing food brands at Champion and went on to support the design team whilst living and working across Europe. Her C-go packaging and communication campaign enabled the brand great success in the market and is now developing the second phase of wholegrain products.

Where are you now? An insight into what you do today and where you do it.

I work freelance as a graphic designer and illustrator. Sometimes I go into studios and sometimes I work remotely from my home studio. At the moment, I’m working on some exciting packaging — the exact thing I had hoped to do prior to my Shillington course.

What did you take from your time working with Champion

Working at Champion gave me the chance to be part of a small team where my input really mattered. I had the opportunity to gain experience leading projects and directly talk clients through my ideas, helping me to feel more passionate and invested in the projects I was a part of.

What advice do you have for someone that is newly entering the creative industry?

Firstly, ask questions. Whether it’s finding out how someone created that effect in photoshop or which layout works best; don’t be afraid to ask. It’s one of the best ways to learn, stay time-efficient and show that you’re interested. 

Secondly, don’t take feedback to heart. Design is partly subjective and negative feedback can be disheartening. Whilst it’s important to have belief and reasoning to back-up your ideas, it’s equally important to let it go, stay fresh and move on to the next idea when needed.

Article by Helen Page. Graphic Designer.

Introduction by Scott Leonard. Creative Director & Founder, Champion.

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