Meet Champion Alumni Symone, junior graphic designer at premium social media agency, Social Life. 

Symone originally joined Champion through the Champion Fellowship programme. During her time at Champion she worked across projects for innovative honey consortium, Hive & Keeper delivering packaging solutions for the brands product range, as well as on a digital campaign for Brixton BID. 

Symone’s most rewarding project that she worked on during her time with Champion was the Windrush 70 identity campaign, delivered in partnership with The Voice and the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and Lord Bourne. The identity was featured across celebrations nationwide and led to an invitation to 10 Downing Street.

Where are you now? An insight into what you do today and where you do it.

I am currently a Junior Graphic Designer at Social Life, a premium social media agency for entertainment brands. I work on many amazing projects with a range of clients including the likes of Netflix, creating social media assets for amazing shows and interesting brands. 

Prior to that I worked at new social media platform VEON, as a graphic designer working on content for the likes of Refinery29, GQ and Pitchfork across the live apps various channels. I also freelance across a number of creative projects including gal-dem’s Afropunk Zine. 

What did you take from your time working with Champion? 

Working at Champion was one of the best career-changing experiences I’ve had so far in my creative journey. The team were a lovely support system, continuously pushing, influencing and inspiring me as a young creative. Working at Champion gave me insight into what it’s like to work in a creative agency – attending client meetings, working on live projects, learning the thought process and strategy behind creating new creative ideas for client work and learning how to collaborate to find ideas and solutions for final products. 

Whilst working on the Windrush 70 project in a creative environment where the work has meaning and social impact made me realise that it was something that I enjoyed and loved about design. I was able to grow and develop as a creative very quickly at Champion and the experience has for sure impacted and helped me to become the designer I am today.

What advice do you have for someone that is newly entering the creative industry?

Believe in yourself and your journey. If you want something, keep working towards it and keep fighting. Every part of your creative/design journey comes with negatives and positives, but there is always something to learn or gain from every experience. 

Also, to work on projects that inspire and excite you, to keep finding things and people who inspire your creativity and finally to make as many connections with people within the creative industry as possible. Not necessarily people who we have been told are the greats in the industry, but those whose work you love or would like to collaborate and work with. Working and collaborating with small collectives or creative people you know is a great work experience as well as industry experience.


Symone Barden

Article by Symone Barden, Junior Graphic Designer, Social Life
Introduction by Scott Leonard, Creatvie Director & Founder, Champion

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