We equip changemakers to create more impact

Maybe you want to show customers or investors that your idea is viable, scale up your business or change an established organisation from within. Whatever your goal, we have a masterclass, workshop or webinar to help you achieve it.

We’ve designed these educational sessions to mirror the services we offer our clients. That means we bring our expertise and insights – plus tangible examples from brands old and new – to every session. And we combine these with contemporary challenges to inspire fresh answers.

We’ve delivered educational sessions with (and sometimes for) these organisations: European Regional, Development Fund, Impact Hub London, King’s College London, London College of Fashion, On Purpose, School of Social Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprise UK, Virgin Start Up

Workshops & Webinars

Defining your brand’s purpose

We begin with the basics of what a brand is and what it contributes to your success. We look at global brands that overcame great challenges, along with inspiring stories of how contemporary brands found their purpose. We then apply Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle model to your organisation. You’ll leave understanding your Why, How & What and the impact purpose has on your brand.

Building a powerful brand identity

Now you’ve articulated your brand purpose, it’s time to create an impactful identity for your brand. We look at inspiring stories of how global brands defined their identity, visually and verbally. We also critique the way contemporary brands portray themselves, and share unique anecdotes about brands we’ve worked with. You’ll learn how to apply what we’ve shown you to your own brand identity.

Amplifying your brand

With your brand purpose and identity established, we focus on the smartest way to amplify your brand. We share stories about brands that have created integrated communications to great effect, making the best use of their platforms and channels to transform their brand and bottom line. You’ll come away knowing how to perfect an integrated communications campaign.

Bespoke educational sessions

Your aim could be to galvanise your team around the brand strategy, or work with wider teams and partners to design the identity. Or it could be to pool knowledge across all your departments to amplify your brand more effectively. We’ll tailor our session/s to achieve your ambitions – always using brand lessons to inspire new outcomes.

Thought pieces

What if we made less and shared more?

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