#Know Our Rights

#Know Our Rights

You may have seen the campaign to recruit 20,000 new police officers, or that £10million worth of additional taser guns have just been ordered? This, coupled with the recent approval to further relax stop and search laws, means it is important that we ALL #KnowOurRights (we quite quickly realised that most of us do not)…

Champion and partners have done all the legal legwork and created a brightly coloured, wallet-size card available both virtually and physically that bullet points all five of Our Rights in simple, plain language.

Right now, we need YOUR help getting OUR RIGHTS in front of as many people as possible. Our goal is for 1% of the English and Welsh population (Scottish law is different…) to #KnowOurRights.

We do Outspoken Creativity – vocal, creative answers to the problems of today, for a better tomorrow. #KnowOurRights is our latest Outspoken Creativity example. Like what you see or do you have your own Outspoken Creativity brief? Then, Let’s Talk.

Note: A massive thanks to our partners who helped make this all possible:

Stop-Watch: “You can never be too clued up on knowing your rights! Having even a basic knowledge of stop and search rights enables you to understand when policing powers are being misused or abused.”

Flex Legal: “Only 1/10 people seek legal advice from solicitor when faced with a legal issue. In the end they often fail to get justice either through not understanding their rights or finding it too intimidating and expensive to enforce them. By producing these cards Champion is helping to overcome part of this by empowering those, who might be in a difficult situation with an inherent imbalance in power, to have a handy reference so they clearly know and are able assert their rights.”

Barrister, Amanda Clift-Matthews: “Police stop and search powers are an essential tool when it comes to combatting crime, but just as critical is that people understand what is and what is not acceptable in order to reduce the risk of these powers being abused.”

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1 thought on “#Know Our Rights

  1. Amazing Work, I work with young offenders and I’m always in need of accessible stop and search resources, is it possible to have a large amount to give out to young people.

    Great Work

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