Reprezent Radio

Attracting high-value partnerships

Ambitious changemakers Reprezent, whose alumni include Stormzy and Jamz Supernova, were already a well-known south London radio station. The next step was to become a national youth platform capable of attracting global partnerships. We worked with leadership and youth teams to develop a brand strategy, and create then apply a new visual and verbal identity. This collaborative approach gave everyone ownership of the brand. As a direct result, Reprezent attracted new partnerships with Napapijri, Converse, Adidas and Nike.

  • “Rebranding was a complex process that Champion smoothly guided us through, delivering an exciting brand which is still as sharp and well received as it was from day one. They bring a mix of total professionalism, honesty, energy and care to every job.”

    Shane Carey. CEO of Reprezent.
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Revaluing workplace mental health

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Taking your brand glocal

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Rewriting investment history

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Rebranding a viable product

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