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A global online social platform for giving.

Spotting an opportunity to break into the crowdfunding space and create real change, Yimby was launched – a crowdfunding platform for social good that allows anyone in the UK to raise money for local causes.

Launching Yimby in the already saturated crowdfunding space and tasked with inspiring people to create change in their community through the platform, we realised that the best way to persuade people to ‘do good’ was to inspire them with people who had already achieved game-changing outcomes.

Recruiting four celebrity ‘change-makers’ from across the UK, we invited them to share their stories and made films about #NoMorePageThree with Lucy Holmes, #WeWillGather with Dan Thompson, booze-free bar, The Brink with Jacquie Johnson-Smith and Richard Reynolds’s crusade as the Guerrilla Gardener.

Each inspiring video ended with the call to action “What Will You Change Today?”, directly asking the viewer to create change.

The launch was a success, with over £1M raised via Yimby in 6-months – surpassing JustGiving’s target of £1M in its first year.

Jacquie Johnston-Lynch founder of the Brink Liverpool.

Lucy Holmes founder of the No More Page 3 campaign.

Richard Reynolds the original Guerilla Gardener.

Dan Thompson founder of Revolutionary Arts – Riot Clean Up.

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