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Revaluing workplace mental health

Inclusive changemakers MHFA England wanted mental health to have the same status as physical health in the workplace. We partnered with the senior team to create their first impact report, documenting more than a decade of achievements. Extracts were used to ignite conversations with business leaders about the cost and potential rewards of workplace mental health. This led to the My Whole Self campaign, which called on organisations to empower employees to bring their whole selves to work. The result? Entire workplaces shared their ‘whole selves’ publicly on social media, including high-profile business leaders.

  • “With fresh design and a youthful approach, The Champion Agency helped us to bring our first Impact Report to life and launch the My Whole Self Campaign. Together we created a narrative to tell our story of social impact, to inspire positive change for mental health in the workplace and wider community.”

    Eleanor Miller, Director of Marketing and Communication, MHFA England
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