Bite the Ballot Identity

Bite the Ballot are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to empowering young voters. They’re on a mission to help mobilizing a generation of young voters to take power and be heard from their local community to Westminster.

They wanted to be positive, direct and empower young people to tackle issues that directly affect them. We created an identity that evolved from their previous one; it needed to speak to a new generation of young people and be able to stand alongside contemporary brands young people could relate to. They needed a set of comms that were proud, strong and informed; we used bold colours and simple language to get straight to the point. We’re now working with them to design and produce their recruitment packs which will be sent to young people up and down the country.

Creative Designers: David Bushay (23), Andrew Nangpi (23) and Will Kay (27)

Creative Copywriter: Miles Byrd (23)

Creative Director: Scott Leonard

Bite the Ballot identity

Co Made Identity

Formerly known as ‘At One’, Co Made are an IT programming and development company that uses a collaborative approach to make technology easier to understand. They work with a range of clients but felt their name and identity weren’t reflective of their unique approach. They wanted a new name that better represented their ethos, and to be simple, transparent and clear.

In order to properly craft their new name we sat down with their team over several meetings, and consulted their clients, to fully understand what they do and how they do it. We looked at competitors and assessed their own positioning, making sure that what we designed was true to them and didn’t over promise. We crafted a name and logo that encompassed their values and displayed them at the front and centre, rather than having to describe what they do, allowing them to focus solely on clients who are open to the same unique approach.

Creative Designers: David Bushay (23) & Shahen Suriyabandara (25)

Creative Copywriter: Miles Byrd (23)

Creative Director: Scott Leonard

Co Made identity

Spotlight isn’t a youth club, or a even youth centre – it’s a multi million creative youth space designed to inspire. Offering free, state of the art sound, film, design, art and broadcasting facilities, alongside performance, dance, boxing, fashion, styling, art and chill. Open to anybody, it’s a welcoming space dedicated to growing young talent, be that in the boxing ring or sound studio.

The identity idea was simply ‘together’; together in the spotlight where everything comes together. The building’s outside is iridescent, further mixing everything together. We’re now busy with the complete Spotlight communications package from visual to verbal, print to digital, which we’ll share in the autumn when we’re finished…

Creative Designers:      Louis Harris (23) & David Bushay  (22)

Creative Artwork:        Stuart Gilbert (older)

Creative Wordsmith:    Miles Byrd (23)

Creative Director:         Scott Leonard  (older)

Here’s the monotone logo and small format logo that’s also the text shorthand…

This was a groundbreaking report into a new breed of organisations that have emerged from Primary Care Trusts and other parts of an evolving public sector, delivering community health, mental health, public health and social care services worth almost a billion pounds per year. The report featured lots of info graphics that helped breakdown the financial details, making it easier for mere mortals to grasp the complex structures of the new social ventures.

creative:                          David Bushay  (21)

creative director:           Scott Leonard  (older)

It’s exactly a year since we launched the creative agency and social enterprise called Champion. We wouldn’t have enjoyed such a strong start without such an amazing team, brave clients, supportive partners, friends and families. On behalf of the whole gang, here’s to those special Champs! We’ve just finished these cards and have more goodies for those outstanding Champs whom we owe so much…


creative designer:      David Bushay  (22)

creative director:       Scott Leonard  (undisclosed)

The brief was to promote the inspiring programme to hard to reach communities, with the hope of attracting a wider demographic of applicant. The trickiest challenge was getting the tone right and not alienating or patronising any group. Less is more was the answer. So, instead of adding, we began subtracting anything that would potentially put someone off. This included logos, YES the sponsors logos. A brave client, backed our reasoning and proposal, coming back with an amazing agreement to no logos. We purposely name checked Cornwall, Brixton and Liverpool in the copy to stress that the programme applies to the whole of the country and highlighted the breadth of ideas that had been realised to reassure the audience that any crazy concept could come to life. Finally we turned the headline into the URL to help people remember it and neatly hooked the microsite up with the same visuals and copy…

creative designer:      David Bushay  (22)

creative director:       Scott Leonard  (undisclosed)

Since 1997, 1000+ students have graduated from the school set up by the pioneering entrepreneur that launched the Open University. The more we learnt about the impressive SSE the more we wanted the book to more than your average yearbook. From the staggering Social Enterprise facts and figures, to explaining the course, it’s mission, vision and values, we pushed to make it a selling tool for the SSE, students and sponsors alike. The printers took the proceedings even further by finishing it with an extra luxurious soft touch varnish cover, inviting another sense to join the celebrations.

art director:                  Andre ‘Zoom’ Anderson  (20)

graphic design:             David Bushay  (22)

creative director:          Scott Leonard  (undisclosed)

below – a range of 32 colour waves out of 100 unique posters…

Through a recent project we met an inspiring young talent called Boost, who trains South London’s youth in the park.Once heavily involved in the gangs of South London, he created a new regime for those who want to pull themselves out of the block, called Block Workout. He asked for our help with his first competition. We went beyond token cash handouts and created these limited edition posters for each competitor brave enough to step up to the tough mental and physical contest. Each entrant will be awarded a unique limited edition poster at the end of the competition; something money can’t buy, but can only be earned.

The posters purposely reference the art of Emory Douglas and the Black Panthers. The printing methods echoed the grassroots of the movement, with the final posters a mixture of simple photocopying and graffiti stenciling techniques.

Illustration & type:              Benjamin Wachenje  (undisclosed)

Graphic design:                   David Bushay  (22)

Creative Direction:              Scott Leonard  (undisclosed)

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Great Brixton is a creative celebration of our hometown. From actor Charlie Chaplin, musician David Bowie, author Alex Wheatle to rapper TY, creatively, they’ve inspired us all.  The big question we’re all asking is, who’s the next young creative talent going to be and how can we help?

Every penny of profit from the sale of these Great Brixton t-shirts will be awarded to young creative talent to fund their projects and enterprises, presenting them with the opportunity to develop their brilliance. This could be anything from a book or film idea, to a business plan for a creative venture and comes with the dedicated mentoring of The Champion Agency of Brixton. Show your support for young creative talent and buy a t-shirt today, email your size to:

creative:                          David Bushay  (21)

creative director:           Scott Leonard  (undisclosed)

To show just how much Zipcar have London covered, we created a series of hyper local posters that featured local landmarks and signpost local cars to passers by. This poster for example features two famous landmarks that you can see in the background, in this case the Battersea Gas Tower and Power Station.

creatives:                       David Bushay  (21)  Elaina Jumper  (24)  Mike Cuthell  (25)

creative director:          Scott Leonard  (undisclosed)